Smile, Be Happy with Laughing Yoga

What is Laughing Yoga?

Laughing yoga is a unique concept is which there are no jokes or humor. It is initiated through an exercise, where one just makes believe they are really laughing. It is scientifically proven the body cannot differentiate between real or fake laughter; therefore the body gets the same benefits. It started in 1995 in Bombay, India by a cardiologist, Dr. Kaitra, and now it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

“A dose of laughter has the power to unwind stress, uplift happiness and enhance the immune system.”- Dr. Mandan Kaitra

Laughing Yoga harnesses the power of mindfulness, and brings us in the present. The health benefits are enormous; the practice lowers our blood pressure, brings oxygen to our brain and body, thus increasing blood circulation. Laughing yoga reduces stress and uplifts our emotions, bringing us into a happy state. Anyone can laugh through the good times, but laughing through the bad times is challenging; but laughing yoga can help! According to ancient wisdom, “Happiness must be achieved before joy can manifest.”

Laughing yoga is a great addition to your well-being regime. Only you can make yourself happy. 

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Laughing yoga is a great addition to your well-being regime.

Only you can make yourself happy.

Here are 5 questions to ponder:

Are you ready to experience more laughter in your life?

Did you know participating in a Laughing yoga class helps balance, the second happiness Chakra?

Did you know making yourself laugh can help with depression?

Did you know laughing yoga changes your negative mind chemistry, into an attractive positive state of mind?

Did you know more laughter in your life increases blood flow to the face making you look younger?