Are you connecting with someone you think you might have a soul bond, but somehow you can't seem to connect in the here and now? Karma is probably the obstacle. Your Ego must be up to par to sustain this connection. I am the guide for you. 

My books, courses, and consultations prepare you for an authentic soul connection.

 Serena Jade structures her consultation service by the chakra system. The chakra system is built on the psychological and spiritual functions corresponding to life, and is highly connected, with our nervous and endocrine systems. Serena awakens within you, the way in which you relate to the world, to yourself, and towards others.  

Serena Jade has 30 years' of experience, studies, travels, and observations under her belt. She guides you by bringing insight, and clarity to your unique spiritual connections.


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In Celebration of Serena Jade's Wisdom

Most people are too busy being "spiritual" to live lives with any soul. That's because spirituality has in many ways become the new religion; just another "blue pill" activity people engage in to feel good rather than to do the real work of becoming whole.

But in her Master Consulting Service, Serena will guide you towards that rare gift that is a true encounter with your divine Self. Furthermore, when you experience life through the application of Serena's wisdom I'm sure you'll be able to look in the mirror - stripped of all your false identities - and say to yourself what you might say to your soul mate (or twin flame) at that transcendent moment of recognition: "Where have you been all my life?"