Serena Jade is a psycho-spiritual author, speaker-certified laughter, meditation, and kundalini tantra yoga teacher. She has authored several books that resonate with seekers on their spiritual path including: "Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience." Her works are mainly focused on psychology, religion, and travel. She draws inspiration from Ancient and Modern Mysticism, Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. Serena Jade's books, retreats, courses, yoga classes, and coaching are built around the idea of living life exuding wellness and following one's own soul's passion and purpose. 

Teaching: As a certified Kundalini Tantra Yoga Instructor, Serena Jade imparts wisdom on raising divine energy and uplifting the body and mind. Her teachings blend laughter, sound healing meditation, and spiritual practices.

Wellness Advocate: Serena Jade’s journey extends beyond books and teachings. She inspires people to explore the world, cultivate physical fitness, balance the mind, and awaken their sixth sense.

Unparalleled Wisdom: Her travels, knowledge, and insight into the highest spiritual attainment make her a beacon of light for those seeking inner transformation.

Do you consider yourself spiritual, but not religious?

Do you adhere to the New Age?

The Authentic New Age is uniting our human nature to our spiritual nature.

“…Moses said unto his servant: ‘I will not give up until I reach the point where the two seas meet, though I spend years and years in travel.’ -’The Quran- 

Sufi Mystics teach, Where the two seas meet is the Mystical Marriage of our Human nature and Spiritual Nature- To fully incarnate the Soul into Human Destiny-we live from the Heart, the bridge the connects the Human to the Spiritual.

OM...SHALOM-The Sound of wholeness, completeness, peacefulness-When our Human nature and our Spiritual nature merge.

This course covers the basic concepts you need to know, to unite the world of spirit to the world of matter.

Originally, I created this course for those interested in crossing paths with their soul mates and twin flame. However, since crossing paths with a spiritual mate requires being on a spiritual journey, I decided to keep the knowledge of soul mates and twin flames in this course.

Suggested Reading Charismatic Connection...

Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience - Kindle edition by Jade, Serena. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @

Course Curriculum

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  Aligning with Your Soul:
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  Seeing Beyond Our Two Eyes, Learning To Open Your Third Eye:
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  How to Recognize a Karmic, Soul Mate/ Twin Flame Relationship:
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  Whole Course Recap: Putting all what we learned together
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3 Reasons To Take This Course:

Learn the difference between your Ego (Human Nature) and Soul (Spiritual Nature).

Why should you care about knowing your soul? Our spiritual nature is a source of courage and strength for our ego.

Understand Karma, and how Karma prevents us from being one with our Soul.

Why should you care about Karma?

Karma is a link between our past and present. Do you allow fate (the past) to dictate your life, or destiny (the present)?

Learn how to Connect with Your Soul.

In Celebration to Serena Jade's Courses

Most people are too busy being "spiritual" to live lives with any soul. That's because spirituality has in many ways become the new religion; just another "blue pill" activity people engage in to feel good rather than to do the real work of becoming whole. 

But in her Master course, Serena will guide you towards that rare gift that is a true encounter with your divine Self. Furthermore, when you experience life through the application of Serena's wisdom I'm sure you'll be able to look in the mirror - stripped of all your false identities - and say to yourself what you might say to your soul mate (or twin flame) at that transcendent moment of recognition: "Where have you been all my life?" -Simon D.