Why, Read Serena Jade's Books, Take Her Courses, Or Work...One on One with Her?

In her book Archetypes, Caroline Myss says, "The life journey of the visionary is one of envisioning new possibilities and bringing the future into the present. Visionaries are often outsiders, not fitting in becomes their best asset."

Author Eckhart Tolle also said, "Being an outsider, someone who does not fit in with others or is rejected by them, MAKES LIFE DIFFICULT. But it also places them at an advantage as far as enlightenment is concerned. It takes them out of [society's mindset] almost by force."

What would you do, if your mother rejected you as soon as you came into the world? What would you do, if you were labeled different from your family members just because you are born? What would you do if you were cast out, forgotten, abandoned, left to fend for yourself? 

This scenario becomes your life's fate, cast out from society, but you want above all else to be accepted. But that is not your reality. The reality is this is the role of the scapegoat, alone in the world. 

This has been my life's fate. However, in response to not being accepted, I followed the left handed path. I didn't follow the crowd. No one would make a conscious choice not to follow the crowd. No one would make a conscious choice to be seen as different, we want to fit in. It is a hard, painful life, not to be accepted and cast out with no allies behind you. But the benefit of this uncomfortable fate is that, you can follow the impulse of your own feeling system. 

The crowd follows what has been handed down to them. This would include religion and love connections. The crowd cannot see past this worldview because everyone is having a collective experience. 

But the one who is not having that collective experience is the scapegoat. Now you can get stuck on the negative or you can transcend that, to witness what the collective cannot see. 

I did just that, and I can see what the collective cannot. But I also followed my feeling system, which led me to have an unfair advantage, as far as experiencing true Soul Mates and with all the prayers in the world, My Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love.

Why Read Serena Jade's Books, Take Her Courses, Or Work One On One With Her? 

Why, because she has an advantage, she lives outside society's mindset. The crowd follows what has been handed down to them. This would include religion and love connections. The crowd cannot see past this worldview because everyone is having a collective experience. 

The terms Soul Mates and Twin Flames simply means to the crowd, a traditional relationship sprinkled with these esoteric terms. When she reads Soul Mates are not as intense as Twin Flames, she cringes. If the crowd really experienced and understood recognizing souls, your soul has journeyed with throughout eternity, the crowd would not be uttering this statement.  

Soul Mates are connecting from the same source Twin Flames are connecting from-the soul. And if you are not connecting from the soul, of which this is not common, especially to the handed down mindset, you are not even Soul Mates, let alone the Ultimate Soul Mate- the Deepest Most Profound Eternal Love!  

Learn from Serena Jade's, experiences, studies and travels. 


  Eros means an Exalted Bond of Love and Psyche means the Soul. To have a Connection with Someone at the Soul Level is an Exalted Bond. But we Must Know the Difference between the Ego and Soul
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  Eros and Psyche Must Travel into their Depths to be Worthy of Each Other. What kind of inner work are you devoting yourself to for a Deeper Love?
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  Eros and Psyche Conquer the Difficult Task of Bringing their Ego and Soul into the Light of Worthiness. They would Like You to Aspire to their Mystical Love Story
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  Recap Whole Course
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Eros and Psyche

Eros and Psyche first meet in heaven, but they learn their connection requires, a love of self, before they are to be reunited on Earth. They must travel into the depths of their ego, and then transform to be worthy of each other.

Eros means an exalted bond of love and Psyche, the soul. To have a connection with someone at the soul level is an exalted bond. The Goddess Aphrodite is a symbol of love and requires her son Eros and her future daughter-in-law, Psyche to be worthy of this exalted love. Aphrodite sends Psyche into the underworld to achieve that worthiness.

In other words, you have to travel into your unconscious mind and come back into the light of day, with an ego and soul full of worthiness. When Eros and Psyche conquer the difficult task of bringing their ego and soul into the brightness of worthiness; together they can ascend towards the Divine.

Do you desire a love like Eros and Psyche?

A soul mate and or twin flame is a relationship made in heaven, but requires us to be grounded on earth. This course will teach you key Psychological and Spiritual concepts to navigate the world of soul connections. By the end of the course, Serena Jade will have motivated you and empowered you, to delve into the sweet whispers of your mind to get ready for an exalted bond of love.

Suggested Reading Eros and Psyche...

Eros and Psyche: An Ancient Soul Mate/Twin Flame Story: Jade, Serena: 9798542534558: Amazon.com: Books

In Celebration to Serena Jade's Courses

Most people are too busy being "spiritual" to live lives with any soul. That's because spirituality has in many ways become the new religion; just another "blue pill" activity people engage in to feel good rather than to do the real work of becoming whole. 

But in her Master course, Serena will guide you towards that rare gift that is a true encounter with your divine Self. Furthermore, when you experience life through the application of Serena's wisdom I'm sure you'll be able to look in the mirror - stripped of all your false identities - and say to yourself what you might say to your soul mate (or twin flame) at that transcendent moment of recognition: "Where have you been all my life?" -Simon D.

3 Reasons to Take this Course

If you desire to meet a True Twin Flame, then you are not on a Twin Flame Journey. You are on a Spiritual Journey, first and foremost. Are you on a spiritual journey? What this means is that you have an unrelenting purpose to connect with your soul, and the transcendent. Do you have such a purpose?

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are not a Boy meets Girl and they live happily ever after scenario. A Soul Mate and or Twin Flame is a connection made in heaven but requires us to be grounded on earth. How prepared are you for an exalted bond?

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are connected by the soul. Their connection is intertwined with the Transcendent. How serious are you to connect with the Transcendent Force?